About Whine Or Win

This is me.

I’m originally from a far north suburb of Chicago called Waukegan. Most people who live anywhere else in Illinois think it’s in Wisconsin. It’s not. I got married the first time when I was 20, divorced my first husband at 31, and got remarried at 34. This is me with my guy now:

I don’t have any children. I live in Chicago with my husband of almost 5 years (AKA The Boy) and my almost 2 year old Jack Russell-Beagle mix, we think — the only down side to adopting a rescue dog is sometimes you just don’t know (AKA The Puppy, as we adopted him when he was 8 weeks old).

…and another completely gratuitous dog picture…

I have always always always struggled with my weight. I think about food ALL THE TIME. I’m not kidding. All the time. I’m in therapy. It’s helping. I was at my “happy weight” when I married The Boy and since cohabitation, I’ve gained about 20 pounds. I said 2 years ago that I would lose those 20 pounds. I haven’t.

This picture was taken this last December. As you can see, I’m not *terribly* overweight. But I’m not at a weight that I feel good about. Also, my doctor recently told me that I should drop some pounds, as I’m pushing 40, have some pain in my knees, and have asthma.

Recently I joined Weight Watchers online. It’s helped in the past. It doesn’t appear to be doing the trick now, but that’s at least partly my fault, possibly completely my fault. Too many “cheat days,” too many days when I choose not to count one thing or the other, too many days when I miss work outs (usually because I didn’t get enough sleep).

In general, as a rule, I’m not a fan of exercise. I like how it makes me feel after, but I don’t like actually doing it (aside from running). As a result, I’m terrible at cross training. I’m terrible at strength training. I’m trying to get better.

Clearly my “thumbs up!” needs some work.

Having said that, I LOVE running. I’m a terrible runner. I’m a slooooow runner. I’ve only been running for about a year. I always hated running in the past and I’m not sure what changed. I guess I did. But I love it. It clears my head, makes me feel powerful, makes me feel like I am a healthy person. It makes me feel calm.

Aside from my weight/exercise/food obsession, I’m a public librarian (yes, I actually have a degree in Library Science), I enjoy reading, I knit at almost every opportunity, and I have the best friends in the entire world. Like most librarians, I am idiosyncratically nerdy. I love cheese. I love bread. I love wine. I love whisky. I love makeup. I love fashion. I love my husband. I love my dog. I love my friends. I love my family. I also love movies, “good” TV (i.e., TV that I like), music, and dancing.

Welcome to my little cornerlet of the webs.


One response to “About Whine Or Win

  1. Ingrid Miller Struemph

    For some reason I was thinking about you the other day and decided to look you up on facebook. I found the link to this sight there. It has been a lot of years. Just thought I would say Hi!

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