I’m back. I didn’t intend to write here again after going so long with no inspiration, but I recently read a blog entry regarding labral tears and hip arthroscopy and started rereading my entries to kind of remember what I went through. I guess it reminded me that as much work as this blog was (even though I put minimal effort into it) it was fun and it’s really kind of nice to be able to go back and see what I was thinking back then. Yes, I can journal long-hand, but let’s face it — it’s much easier to save photographic evidence here and it doesn’t make my hand cramp up.

SO many things have changed since my last post:

1. I got a promotion and am now the director of my library. I’ve been in the position for almost a year now.

2. I’m back to running, although not back to my previous mileage, low as it was even pre-op.

3. I have done exactly two races since my surgery, and one was a MAJOR bummer. Stupid six miles.

4. Both The Boy and I got new cars this year — his due to an accident he had (he’s okay. Clearly, his car was not) and mine due to an accident my mother had which resulted in her taking my car and me buying a new one. Weirdly, or not, we both got newer versions of the same cars we had before. He got an updated Honda Civic and I got an updated Volkswagen Golf.

5. The Boy and I got iPhones last year. I was Android before and quite happy with my Samsung Galaxy S3, but I had never had an opportunity to have an iPhone (THANKS, U.S. Cellular) and due to a forced carrier switch, I got my chance. I have been with my iPhone 5s for a little over a year now, and…I like it okay. It’s definitely not love. I’m actually thinking of going back to Android when I’m allowed a new phone. The Boy had an old clam shell phone before and was totally fine with it, but decided to make the switch. He went with a 4s and is totally fine with it, but really only uses his phone for texting, pictures, phone calls, and some music and podcasts. He doesn’t check his email on his phone and hasn’t really downloaded too many apps.

6. Nemo was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease this year. I will blog about that at some point.

7. Nemo and Lulu are doing much better together and after some rough times (especially post-op) they get along most of the time. I think Lulu legit loves Nemo, even though she dominates him. Nemo would probably be extremely happy if Lulu did not exist.

Some things that have not changed:

1. I am still struggling with my weight.

2. I am still struggling with my body image.

3. I am still struggling with workouts and fitness in general.

I realize I never posted the rest of the summary regarding my hip arthroscopy and I feel that I really should. It’s important to put out there, even if it only helps one person. Even if it doesn’t, it’s good for ME. I realized when I went back and read the few posts regarding my hip that I feel so very much better now and am so happy I had that surgery. I’m not completely pain free, but I haven’t had nearly the kind of debilitating pain I was having pre-op. So that follow up post will be my first order of business here. I just have to find all those pictures. Sigh.

So, I’ll see how this goes. I may love it, I may hate it, and I’m giving myself permission to go with the flow. There will probably be a ton of dog pictures still, maybe some Garmin shots, maybe some knitting shots. Here goes nothing.


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