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This is a long story.

It all started with Twin Peaks.


This show was crazy popular when I was in high school. I never watched it. I wanted to, though, and felt bad that I had missed it. See, they didn’t have affordable things called DVDs where you could watch things if you missed them the first time around. There were VIDEOTAPES that cost hundreds of dollars and no one  bought them.

Also, I had a huge crush on Kyle MacLachlan (BLUE VELVET!!!).

The Boy and I started watching TWIN PEAKS a couple weeks before NYE. New Year’s Eve Eve I was looking up stuff about KMacL and found that he had a Jack Russell Terrier and I was looking up more stuff about the dog when I found her.

Mamie 2 (I’m pretty sure they recycle names at the shelter) was at the Chicago Canine Rescue, a place really close to where we live. She looked sad and pathetic and adorable. I showed her picture to The Boy. He said how sad and pathetic and adorable she looked and we went on with our evening. The next day he said he couldn’t get her out of his mind.

This was momentous. I’ve shown The Boy a hundred pictures of adorable dogs and he’s always, like, yeah, cute dog. So, you wanna watch more COMMUNITY?

(to which question the answer, of course, should always be YES)

The point is, a second dog has been on my mind for awhile. I even have a Pinterest board titled, “Are you Nemo’s future sister?”

When The Boy said he couldn’t get Mamie out of his mind, I gingerly asked if he would like to see her and he said yes. We called the shelter and the woman said that we had to fill out an adoption application and then we could come visit Mamie. She warned me that Mamie was really scared of strangers and might not even let us pet her the firsts time we met. In fact, it took 3 visits before she would let us touch her without being afraid, and then she LOVED us.

We introduced Nemo to her at the shelter the following week. Things went about as well as could be expected, considering Nemo’s freak out at riding in the car and being in a strange place and seeing strange people and OHMYGODTHESMELLS.

Then it was time to make arrangements for the home visit, which would basically mean they would deliver her to our house. For good.

The Boy and I expressed our misgivings and hopes and decided to move forward. We were already attached enough to have to at least try. Most people weren’t giving this poor dog a chance. We were the ones who would commit to her. And we would call her Lulu.

Things were okay at first. Then we realized just how not housetrained she was. Then she barked all night and we didn’t sleep and cleaned up pee and poop several times during the night. Then she wouldn’t poop or pee AT ALL for most of the next day.

Then she started going after Nemo. And he hid. From us.

Talk about ripping my heart out of my chest and making me watch while someone eats it slowly.

Things ebbed and flowed. There were moments when I thought, this could totally work!

lulu mirror

Then she would be naughty or try to bite Nemo or he wouldn’t come to the door to greet me and I would think, what the HELL did I do to my family? Then they’d both suddenly be interested in something and be adorable and I would be all, what am I freaking out about?

Nemo wants to eat Lulu

Then something else would happen and I would freak out all over again, and then she would do this:

lulu dancing

and my heart would melt.

Finally, Wednesday morning, shit got real. By which I mean, they both wanted to be with me in the bathroom at the same time, and that just wasn’t working. The Boy lost it, I lost it. Neither of us had slept. I was having a super stressful week at work. My hip hurt. I was so wound up from everything going on that I had started to vomit (not on purpose) and was starting to develop a heck of a migraine. We needed a break. We needed time to think and regroup. I decided to take her to my mother’s for awhile.

She’s having a stay at grandma’s now and we’re trying to figure out how to work her into our lives without having Nemo not be Nemo. One of the greatest pleasures of my life is coming home at lunch to Nemo and how he greets me. All the stress of the day melts away as I snuggle his puppy head. I can’t stand to have that go away.

It may be that Lulu needs to be in a home where she is the “one and only.” I just hope that we are able to come to a decision with love and patience and do what is best for everyone.

One thing’s for sure. I’m going to do my best to guarantee that Lulu never has to spend a night without knowing that she is loved and cared for again, even if that means she’s being loved and cared for by someone else. But I do still hope that she and Nemo will come to be friends, and eventually, she really will be Nemo’s sister.

Watch This

The premier of the second season of GIRLS! Gotta love how comfortable Lena Dunham is with her body.


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Where was I?

Wow. I actually had to go back and read my old posts to remember what’s been going on since then. Answer?


In a nutshell:

1. Pain in my right side turns out to be labral tear in my hip joint and I need to have surgery.

2. What do I do after I learn that I have a malformed hip joint? I run my first trail race.

Schiller Chiller

BOOYAH! Take THAT, injured body! You think you can keep me down?! WELL YOU CAN’T oh wait you can….

(BTW, I already signed up for next years Schiller Chiller. Yeah – it was THAT awesome. Even though they ran out of food. And water.)

3. Johnmas came and went.

holiday card final 2

Red heart  picmonkey.

I remember a time when I would have never sent out a holiday card with my mug on it. I don’t know what compelled me to do it this year, except maybe the size of the picture on the card made it okay? Also, I was having them printed at Walgreens which meant it would be on picture paper and I thought it would be weird to have it printed on picture paper without having a picture on it.

(That’s from NYE 2011)

The Boy’s birthday was fun. We had a small group of people go out to dinner and then enjoyed a few drinks more with an even smaller group.

4. IT’S 2013!

We did it J+S+N style. The Boy and I went out for New Year’s Eve Eve dinner, and spent NYE at home with The Puppy.

For NYEE dinner we went to Café Touché. I love this place. The food is good, the atmosphere is lovely, and it’s located in a great neighborhood not that far from ours. My boss gave us a gift certificate, so our entire meal was free and I was able to try some new dishes. The GC covered the whole tab plus a hefty tip.

The next night I made dinner and we hung out.

NYE 2012rev1

Kickin’ it cas, wearin’ my Hot Chocolate hoodie, snuggin’ with my dudes.

(and if you’re wondering, yes, the event suuuuuucked but I still had a great time. Also, the first definition from UD does apply in this case.)

We toasted the new year with some TJ’s Almond Creek. The Boy and I love this stuff. Admittedly, it’s no Veuve Clicquot (my fav), but it’s a great compromise for couples with one person who has a more, shall we say, developed palate for champers (guess who that is) and one who is not so picky.

2013 will be The Year Of Organization. This fall I organized my car and my handbag and it’s amazing what a difference it makes to actually know where your crap is. I want to make sure I know where ALL my crap is, in my house and in my office at work.

My only other goal is to bear what defines me in mind as much as possible, which is that I am a human being and I want to be that one thing to the best of my ability and I want to BE to the best of my ability.

5. We brought this little monster into our lives.

Lulu sleeping

This is Lulu. Holy crap. I have been wanting a second dog since we got the first one. I just have one question: What the f&@% was I thinking??

We found her randomly (I’ll tell the story when I do a longer post on her) at a Chicago shelter. She was rescued from a dog hoarding house where she lived with about 100 dogs. Sad. So sad.

But she is a handful. She’s currently doing a stint at the Crisis Nursery for Dogs, otherwise known as my mother’s house.

Long story short, she and Nemo don’t really see eye to eye, and her presence made Nemo hide from us and drove The Boy and me to freak the F out. We’re currently regrouping and trying to figure out how to handle the situation.

6. My right eye has suddenly started to see weird things. It’s like seeing a 3D image without the glasses. I’ve been to the ER and an ophthalmologist and the best guess is that it’s a migraine halo. Never had one of those before. Why, hello there, 40! I suspect it has something to do with numbers 1 & 5.

7. Oh, yeah. I also turn 40 this month.

Try This

Ice skating! If you haven’t tried it, you should. Losers.

Read This

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

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