Back To Work

Even though I’m not feeling a ton better (still a lot of pain in my right side), I have a lot to get done at work and it’s my late night, so back I go.

I’m really not sure what’s up with my side. Yesterday the doctor gave me a VERY thorough examination and said it could be:

1. Kidney/Urinary Tract infection

2. Ovarian cyst

3. Appendix

4. Muscle pain

So basically, she has no idea. I had a blood draw and they tested for a bladder or urinary tract infection and both look good. Now I have to go have a CT Scan. Ugh. I really, really hate this stuff.

Despite my discomfort, I still managed to read a good chunk of a book on web design that I have to read for work and take The Puppy for a 2.5 mile walk. Since it was good and chilly, I made him wear his sweater.


Yes, I’m that kind of dog mommy.

We walked to our local dog park, which was empty, so Nemo got to hog all the balls to himself.


All the cool dogs wear their ears inside out.

Then we walked back home and he crashed.


The last couple of weeks have been AWFUL for exercise, apart from walking Nemo. The pain in my side has left me with a complete lack of motivation. Every morning I set my alarm with every intention of getting myself up and to the gym, and every morning I just can’t wanna. This is the kind of situation that in the past would have left me really down on myself and I would have done everything possible to convince myself that I don’t belong at the gym if I can’t make myself go EVERY SINGLE DAY. Today, I’m making a commitment to myself to cut myself a break and just look forward to the day I feel well enough to get up and go.

And then I’m going to crush it. Or at least crack it. Or something.


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