I come up with the best posting titles. Ha.

1. I chose not to go workout this morning. I felt like I needed a rest day after yesterday’s rest day, also I haven’t been feeling so well in the tummy, also I figured I would make up for it by trying to take The Puppy on a run outside later. And then I realized it was raining.


2. Did you know that 1 tablespoon of maple syrup is 2 Weight Watcher’s points?!

syrup devil 1

I tried Carrots ‘n’ Cake’s two ingredient pancake this morning and while I read her instructions for achieving a more attractive pancake carefully, my efforts failed and I ended up with 3 mini mutant pancakes. They were still delicious, especially with a little sunflower butter and ridiculously fattening syrup.

3. Our 5th anniversary is tomorrow and every year we take a few days off together and knock around the city. I typically make a relatively fancy meal  to kick off our “staycation” (I kinda hate that word), which includes a better than $10 bottle of wine, usually duck breasts with some kind of crazy sauce, a side dish, and this ridiculous bread pudding. Seriously. Just go make it now and get it over with. It is probably the least healthy thing you will eat all year and every bite is heaven.

4. The Puppy has been on a rampage and left in his wake a line of trauma patients.

soldiers awaiting surgery

That hedgehog off to the left is the latest in a string of hedgehog casualties. We call him Shiny Norman 2.

hedgehog style

Pictured above from left to right:

Shiny Norman 2, Shiny Norman 1, and Spiny Norman, The Puppy’s original Best Frienemy.


That there is a TINY The Puppy with Spiny Norman. It took him way longer to do serious damage to his friends at that age.

Now he can do this in a matter of seconds.

hedgehog amputee

The humanity.


That’s one adorable tyrant.

I may get all crazy later and post pictures of the food I make. Or not.


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