My Dog Ate My Flip Flop


Ran outside, 1.5 miles; walked .6 — ~30 mins.

Holy crap, does my foot hurt.

I went back to the podiatrist this morning to have a casting of my feet made. Yep, I’m getting orthotics. I’m not super excited about the prospect, but if it makes me feel less than a million years old, then whoopie! I should get them in about a week or two. In the meantime, my doctor actually told me I SHOULD wear heels — AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Apparently, for plantar fasciitis, heels are helpful. At the moment, however, the only heels I’ve got that are appropriate for hot weather are these:

Hot, right? Mine are brown, though, not yellow.

The problem is that they are just a teensy bit too high to be comfortable. In fact, the only shoes that I can wear comfortably aside from my running shoes are my Teva flip flops.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these. I got them bundled with a pair that have different color straps, but the black ones go with everything, of course, so they’re the ones that are most broken in.

Since it’s so painful to walk barefoot, I’ve been wearing them all over the house. Tonight The Boy and I sat down on the sofa to watch a little NEWSROOM (which, by the way, we need to talk about how much that show blows at some point). I shook off the flip flops to put my feet up on a pillow (I’m a delicate flower). After a few minutes, we noticed that The Puppy was a little too quiet. Right on cue, he trotted in with one of my flip flops in his mouth. The right one. The one that goes on my dodgy foot.

I would have taken a picture but my foot hurts too much to get up and get my camera. I can still wear it, although it’s a bit gnawed around the edges.

By the way, I signed up for this race today. If anyone lives in the area and is interested in spending a Wednesday evening running in a really nice neighborhood, come on out!


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