Swimsuit Shopping: Oh, The Horror!


Yesterday: Rest Day

Today: Biked to/from work once (stupid rai–I mean, WE REALLY LOVE YOU, RAIN!), ~16 mins; walked to dog, ~30 mins.

Big news: I LOST A POUND!!!

I feel like I might have finally found the combo of good for me stuff/stuff that makes me feel like I’m indulging just a enough to keep me relatively happy but still take off some poundage. I guess one week doesn’t make a trend, so I’m trying really hard not to start thinking, I lost a pound! I CAN NOW EAT MASS QUANTITIES OF WHATEVER I WANT.

I have to say, the biggest factor in this equation appears to be not having things around the house that I can dip into nut butter, specifically Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter. That stuff is like The Crack. This last week I’ve been having one tablespoon on a piece of toast in the morning and I add some sliced banana on top. It’s enough of a schmear to be all creamy and delicious (and I get a little on my fingers which I guarantee you I do lick) to feel decadent and satisfying. In the past, I’ve bought pita chips, pretzels, crackers — ostensibly “good-ish for you” food that is okay to eat in moderation. My problem with having those items and nut butter of almost any kind in the house at the same time is that when I feel snacky it’s all too easy and tempting for me to dip the chip/pretzel/cracker in the nut butter. At the time, I believe I’m estimating that I’m only eating one serving of each, but let’s face it. Who can stop at 11 pita chips dipped in chocolate almond butter? I’m telling you right now, no one. And if you say you can stop, I don’t believe you. Therefore, I have resisted purchasing anything that could be considered a vehicle for nut butter. Of course, now that I don’t have it, I find myself occasionally rooting around in the pantry or refrigerator looking for ANYTHING that I could reasonably dip. I have indulged in an apple dipping session and have contemplated carrots as well. But overall, I’ve managed to control myself.

Likewise, working out was going extremely well this week until today. I was all set to try out my new swimming workout that I found here. I had my brand new Speedo one-piece ready, my new swimming cap, my new goggles, and my towel all laid out and I was actually excited (if a little apprehensive). Then 5:15 a.m. rolled around, I hadn’t slept well, and I must have snoozed about 4 times in my sleep before I realized that it was too late to attempt it. So I resolved to bike to work and went back to sleep. I made it to work just fine, but right when I was going to come home to let The Puppy out, it started raining. HARD. I waited about an hour and it was fine biking home. Then it started raining again. A quick check on Accuweather told me that it would most likely rain again, so I decided to drive back to work. I guess there’s always tomorrow, but this did put me in a rather foul mood for the rest of the day.

Let’s talk about that swimsuit purchase, shall we? I decided to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods and see what they had to offer. I was a bit intimidated as I can’t recall the last time I actually went to a store to try on swimwear, but I managed to pick about 7 or 8 suits that looked like they might work. I got to the dressing room and while there was no attendant, there were signs everywhere instructing shoppers to bring no more than 3 items into a room. Being the rule follower that I am, I chose 3 suits to start with and draped the rest on a chair just outside my dressing room. A bit later, someone knocked on my door. I opened it slightly and a salesperson said, “I should probably ask you how many items you have in there.” I replied that I only had 3, but I was swapping them out for the suits on the chair. She said okay and I closed the door. After rejecting the one I had on, I reached outside the door to grab another off the chair, but they were all gone.

Let’s just take a moment here to really think about this situation. It’s traumatic enough for a woman like me — let’s face it, probably ANY woman — to try on swimsuits. Now I had to get dressed again and try to retrace my steps to locate all of those suits. I know it’s irrational, but I felt really humiliated. And worse, I was mad at myself for feeling humiliated. I did what I needed to do, though, and finally settled on a navy Speedo that looks something like this:


I’m pretty sure it’s the same suit. It doesn’t look fantastic on me, but it looks marginally better than the others did. I also bought this swim cap:

I also bought a pair of goggles. They’re nothing special. Just standard goggles.

Since my swim workout was thwarted this morning, I’m going to have to wait until next week for another shot at it. For now, that’s okay with me.

Oh! I also started listening to THE LIGHTNING THIEF by Rick Riordan. I typically don’t read/listen to children’s or young adult books too often, but I’d heard good things about this one. It’s fairly entertaining so far. I’ll talk more about it when I finish. I also downloaded ANANSI BOYS by Neil Gaiman and A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, the first book in the A GAME OF THRONES series by George R. R. Martin. I’m more looking forward to the Gaiman book. I’m not completely sold on the Martin series, but I downloaded it from my library’s collection so it’s free and I can stop whenever I want to.

Now I’m installing the DC Universe Online game to play with The Boy (free version). Happy Friday!


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