Yesterday Was One Of Those Days….



Run/walk, 2.5 miles

Edited to add: Bike to/from work, 3 miles, 17 minutes. I totally forgot about this. Also, yes, I’m an incredibly slow cyclist, but I can usually manage about 12 miles per hour.


Bike to/from work, twice, 6 miles (1.5 pending), 32 minutes

Prepare for MASSIVE whining.

Yesterday morning I set off for my first run of the week without The Puppy. I got about a mile and a half in and had to walk. I would love to spare you the details, but the fact is that I have chronic belly issues. Sometimes they have to do with IBS, sometimes they have to do with ovarian cysts, and sometimes they have to do with my period. Today’s actual reason for taking a walk break (which turned into a torturous hobble home) was unclear at the time, but the symptons were severe cramping in my lower abdomen.

Of course, I was immediately pissed off at myself. I mean, honestly. Can I not get one decent flippin’ run in? I think it’s been about two and a half months since I’ve been able to run even two miles without taking a walk break. And as demoralized as I feel now writing about it, I felt about a million times worse yesterday morning while I was trying to get myself home or at least close to a public bathroom because I had no idea what was happening with my body.

I did make it home, pulled myself together, and got to work. A couple hours later — and again, prepare for TMI — I went to the bathroom and realized that I had apparently forgotten to check my calendar because there it was, my period. And I felt such intense relief, because ohmygod I did NOT suck after all — I simply had a little girl trouble. I believe I actually said out loud in the bathroom at work, “Oh, THAT’S why!”

Then it really hit me. What if I hadn’t gotten my period? Would that mean that I actually did suck? The logical answer that I knew intellectually, of course, was no. So what if I only ran a mile and a half out of two and a half? The fact that I was out walking at 6 a.m. at all is something to be proud of. What good comes of being so hard on myself? The trick is to not just understand these truths in my head, but to actually feel them in my gut. Hopefully without adverse side effects.

And then I felt better. And started to look forward to my next run in a couple of days.

This morning I had every intention of going to the gym and doing some cross training, but I didn’t sleep well and knew that it would be better for me to get some decent rest than be pissed off again at myself for missing a workout altogether. Since I didn’t have to work until 1:00 today and I had an appointment this morning, I was definitely planning to drive to work (I live super close and can bike there very quickly if I have my shit together). When I got out to the garage and opened the door, I found a ComEd truck blocking me in.

So I biked to work. That of course meant biking home at dinner to let out The Puppy, which led me to think, why not? I’ll just bike back again.

Accidental workout, FTW.


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