Do you realize how many Weight Watchers Points are in OIAJ?!


Started The Puppy on Pooch to 5K, + 40 min. walk with The Puppy.

Total miles — 3.5

Well, I *kind of* started him on the program. I actually screwed up and instead of running for 60 seconds and then resting for 90 seconds, we rested for two minutes. Oops.

The Puppy is actually pretty good on our runs. I started him running last summer. After trying to take him out with his regular harness and leash, I realized that I will probably never be one of those runners who can hold stuff while I run, and a dog’s leash is really something you have to keep a tight grip on, especially when you have a dog who wants nothing more in the entire world than to catch any sort of small woodland creature that he spies. I also felt that he needed a harness that allowed for attaching a leash from the top, rather than from the front like his regular walking harness. I found that the leash got in the way far too often. I put on my librarian hat again and found this harness and this running leash.

There are a few running leashes on the market, but I felt this one appeared to be the most durable. It also came with a zippered pouch, which has been really handy for storing waste bags, my phone, and keys.

He really doesn’t seem to mind his harness.

And the leash really does work very well when he tries to take off after a squirrel.

Last night I decided to prep a meal to try this morning that is the darling of the Healthy Living Blog world, but one I just haven’t had much luck with, overnight oats in a jar, otherwise known as OIAJ. I’ve tried this a few times and just haven’t been a fan of the texture. I thought I’d try it one more time since I had an empty White Chocolate Wonderful jar. Here’s what I put in the mix:

1/4 cup old fashioned oats

1/4 cup plain nonfat yogurt

1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 teaspoon chia seeds

1/2 packet of splenda

drizzle of vanilla extract

This morning I added a granola sample I got from the Chicago Women’s 5K and a dollop of White Chocolate Wonderful (from the replacement jar).

It was good, better than before, but not fantastic. Afterwards, I added up all the points.

TEN. Ten Weight Watcher’s Points. That freaking teaspoon of chia seeds alone had 1 point.

Goodbye, OIAJ. Don’t think I’ll be seeing you for quite awhile.

Anyone need any empty nut butter jars??


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