Much like yesterday, nada.

Today has been almost completely splendid. The only blemish has been my lack of a workout, but that ship sailed many, many hours ago. If I don’t do it first thing in the morning, it isn’t going to happen. I guess I’m just not willing to sacrifice time with The Boy and The Puppy. I totally overslept this morning (as I did yesterday morning) and we had a breakfast date with friends from out of town.

Breakfast was delicious and the company was wonderful. Their 2.5 year old son is adorable and he was extremely well behaved. We sat in that restaurant for two hours and I know I was feeling antsy by the time we left, and he managed to limit himself to a couple of squeals of frustration and that was about it.

After saying goodbye to our friends and making a quick trip to the pet store for some essentials, we headed home to spend the rest of the day with our special little guy.

The Puppy is almost two years old. He’s 23 months and 3 days to be exact, and up to now we’ve kept him in his crate while we’re away. I work approximately 5 minutes from our house and therefore am able to make it home for lunch most days to let him out and spend some time with him. On the rare occasions I can’t do that, I make arrangements with one of my staff members to let him out and let him run around for awhile. He has a cadre of dedicated admirers and absolutely ADORES his “baby sitters.”

Now that he’s almost 2 and has displayed some much more mature behavior lately, The Boy and I have decided to start leaving his crate door unlocked during the second half of the day. He’s growing up and seems ready to be left to his own devices while we’re gone, at least for part of the time.

This morning when we left for breakfast, I put him in his crate with his Kong toy (which we fill with Easy Cheese — he LOVES it) like The Boy or I usually do, but this time I only closed the crate door. I didn’t lock it.

When we got back about 2.5 hours later, he was still in the crate. I should have seen that coming. I don’t know why I expected him to try the door while we were gone. Lesson learned. Next time, put him in the crate, but leave the door open.

I’m pretty sensitive to the temperature. I can usually tell if it has risen or dropped even a degree. This morning when we got home, I thought that it felt significantly cooler than THEY had predicted it would be. I convinced The Boy to spend some time in our backyard and set up the Puppy Pool. So we did this for a loooooooong time.

I just checked Accuweather at 5:40 p.m., and it said it was 81*. I’m only kidding a little when I say that I feel a bit chilly.

Chicago, can’t you just give me a nice run of 65* mornings and 85* days? Is that too much to ask?

Tomorrow we’re off to visit my mom and her menagerie and then my FIL. Should be fun!


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