I AM a firework, aren’t I?


Walked the dog in the blistering heat:

2.70 Miles, 50 Minutes

I was going to start him out on this Pooch to 5K plan I found online, but he didn’t get up as early as he usually does and by the time I got his walking harness on and got a water bottle and his travel bowl, it was already 8:30. Little guy does NOT like his walking harness (it’s totally safe, humane, and righteous. He’s just a pill. Truth.). So I decided that it would be better to make it a leisurely but long-ish walk. And OHMYGODIT’SHOT.

I know EVERYONE is talking about the heat, but really. 85? At 8:00 A.M.?!


As we were well into our first mile, we entered an alley not too far from our house. This particular alley boasts many draws, specifically our good friend, Jim, 60-something, OBSESSED with beautiful women, and cannot ever fathom actually living with, much less marrying, one. He’s also one of the best guys I know.

Jim’s garage is down this alley, and he frequently hangs out in it working on various vehicles/appliances/lawn implements. Most recently he’s been working on a leaf blower. He started two years ago. It still doesn’t work.

When Jim hangs out in his garage, the garage door is open and he always has dog biscuits and beer at the ready. About halfway into Mile 1, Nemo would have loved a dog biscuit and I probably would have accepted a beer. Unfortunately, no Jim — or beer — to be found. But I was still on the hunt for Reasons 2, 3, & 4 to visit Jim’s Alley.

Two houses to the east of Jim’s house, there is the most gorgeous collie shepherd mix. She is in love with The Puppy and The Puppy is in love with her. Consider this dog Reason 2.

Two houses to the west of Jim’s house, there is a shiba inu and a lab mix that also adore The Puppy. He’s a little less receptive to these two, but I sure love them, so we visit anyway. These dogs are reasons 3 & 4, obviously.

Unfortunately, every Reason was nowhere to be found.

We continued on our walk and eventually made our way back again through Jim’s Alley. I wanted to check and see if the Reasons were out once more, as this would be our last opportunity of the day. This time, although our Reasons were still AWOL, I could hear the dulcet sounds of Katy Perry’s, “Firework” emanating from one of the other houses. And as I felt like a fuse about to go off from the heat, I heard the line, “Baby, you’re a firework.” And I thought yes. Yes, I am.

When The Puppy and I got home, we were sweating (even the dog was sweating, I have never seen him so juicy) and tired. And yet, I still heard the siren song of Summer. See, even though the past few winters haven’t been that bad, it’s nothing I’m looking forward to, and I know that the first day the temperature dips below 70 is going to have me wondering why the shit I didn’t spend more time in the lovely warmth this summer.

So, at this time

(that’s a.m. by the way)

I made The Boy and me this treat

Mixed with this

And then there was an adorable Nemo T. Puppy running around in the hot hot HOT back yard, happy as a clam:

And life was pretty much perfect.

Happy 4th.


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